Yesterday it was a big day for Cristallini New Collection: it’s like a dream coming true to have it presented during Paris Fashion Week at the Embassy of Romania in Paris, France. You cannot believe its beauty when you see it. Romania has the best of them all, and we don’t even know what treasure we have: rooms looking like Versailles, a theatre inside it, which is a great honor and exception for such an impressive place.

The Palace Behague is one of the most beautiful palaces in Paris, and it is owned by Romania since 1939. But, actually, it was in 1863 when the grandmother of Comtesse de Bearn bought the land and ordered to Gabriele Hipolyte Alexandre Destailleur to build a hotel in the Ludovic al XV style: Le Grand Hotel!

Unfortunately, nobody takes care of its restoration, and just a few people know about the theatre inside it. The blue room and the gold one are true treasures for the history of art. That’s why the presentation from yesterday was a success. Beautiful women, beautiful dresses, beautiful place. All of them – a great accomplishments for Romania.

The overflow of luxury is the statement image that incorporates the whole idea of the palace, historical paintings, the greatness of the art pieces, the architecture that makes everyone bewitched: everything prepares you for the big show, where the glamour of the dresses completes the circle of beauty and magnificence.

Stay tuned for more!! xoxo