About Me


“The magic in this business is that women all over the world will wear one of your creations. This is the ultimate joy: knowing that somewhere, in some women’s warderobe, there will be one outfit with the label CRISTALLINI.”

Psychology Degrees

  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)
  • Contextual Modular Therapy (CMT)
  • Psychotrauma


“I love the act of creation, how an idea can take life and become an important fact in women’s lives. I love Paris Fashion Week. I love to read. I love my friends. I love music, movies and fashion. I consider personal development one of the most important things in life, something that can change who we are, the very essence of our being. Something that can keep us healthy, happy and beautiful. I truly believe we should make this world a better place, starting with what is inside our hearts and minds.
Thank you for joining me in this adventure! xo”

About SKA

SKA is the nickname of Roxana Ostroveanu, Creative Director of Cristallini, based in Bucharest, Romania. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages (French and Dutch), as well as Psychology, she discovered her love for fashion in New York. Several years later, she started working as a fashion designer and since 2012 she’s been creating for Cristallini. Her designs, beginning with evening gowns and transitioning towards street style attire, are renowned for their elegance and refinement, combining classical elements of timeless beauty with a contemporary edge.

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