New York is the dream town from the movies. It is the dream town for fashion. It is the dream town for shopping. It is the dream town for big changes in your life. It is the dream town for dreams!

Five years ago I started to design for Cristallini. I met the CEO, Alina, and started to create our dream world full of creation and excitement. After the years, we got very close friends. It was not so hard because we were sharing the same dreams: big dreams in New York.

It is obvious that my passion for the Great Apple started to become an obsession when the series Sex and the city were launched. That vibe is greater than anything even if years went by… I still got that energy and desire to conquer the big city.

Time Square is at 3 minutes far from Marriott Hotel

Every night after work I used to walk with Alina on the river coast next to our office, planning the future for the next years, waiting for the day to go together in New York. I have been there a few times, but going with her is like the first time for me too.

It was there where I’ve first decided that I wanted to create luxury clothes. Walking on the streets of New York with just ideas and excitement, even if nobody believed it could be true. And why not? Because, at the end of the day, almost everybody in Romania is a designer. Because of the competition. And I start to wonder when have we become so weak and full of fear?!

Years went by and we are already selling a lot of dresses in USA. On Monday we have an important meeting with one of the greatest agency of PR who wants to work with us.

This is the normality… LOVE what you do, WORK for it and GO for it NO MATTER WHAT. Have faith in God that everything is happening for a reason and have patience. Don’t push things to happen because maybe you have a different and better path to walk on. Enjoy every day and do every day something to achieve your dreams. Better today than tomorrow. Because now, in the present, is the best and the most powerful moment of action.

And for a final close, this is the first day in Manhattan! Stay tuned! xoxo