Modern research is confirming the age-old wisdom that emotions are inseparable from our health and physiology. Repressed emotions bring on stress that can lead to disease. In this book “When the Body says NO“, Gabor Mate draws on cutting-edge science, his decades of experience as a physician, and famous stories of famous people – to examine the role hidden stress plays in an array of diseases.


Women who are unhappily married and do not express their emotions have a greatly increased risk of death compared with similarly unhappy women who do not repress their feelings. So, the problem is not the happy marriage or the less happy one, but the repressed feelings. So, you should be happy if your wife is fighting with you all the time :)! Good people get more sick because they are always nice and they do not express their feelings! 🙂

Canadian research has shown that people abused in childhood have a nearly 50 percent risk of cancer in adulthood.

Our relationships help shape our physiology.

Everything is interconnected.

People do not become ill despite their lives but rather because of their lives.

And this happens because LIFE is a MIND-BODY unity:

  • physical factors: diet, physical activity, the environment and…
  •  the internal milieu of thoughts and…
  • the unconscious emotions that govern so much of our physiology, through the mechanisms of stress – nerves, hormones, immunity, digestion, cardiovascular function.

There is an innate wisdom in our bodies.

For example, why a woman is incapable of saying NO: because as a child she has learned not to express her feelings. Her security lay in considering other people’s feelings, never her own. She is not aware that she herself had the right to be taken care of, to be listened to, to be thought worthy of attention. So she cannot say NO, taking responsibility for the needs of others.  Why she can get sick? Maybe because her body starts to do what the mind could not: throwing off the relentless expectations imposed on the child. She has learned to place others above herself.

The Globe and Mail, 1993: “When we have been prevented from learning how to say NO, our bodies may end up saying it for us.

The revelation: the psychoneuroimmunology (the science of the interactions of mind and body, the indissoluble unity of emotions and physiology in human development and throughout life in health an illness). Also the endocrine apparatus is a part of our system (the hormones).

Some examples of situations that have a great negative impact on the immune system: loneliness, chronic stress, emotionally inadequate relationships that do not recognize or honour our deepest needs.

Some results: multiple sclerosis, inflammatory ailments of the bowel such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune disorders, migraine, skin disorders, endometriosis and many others.

And this kind of people… they have never learned how to say NO in the important fields of their lives!

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