VOGUE‘ s presentation about Balmain Resort 2018:

„Rousteing’s Balmain has always been about exuberance—there were Americanisms like fringe and Western shirt detailing in the mix here, too—but this collection benefited from a new sense of softness and ease.”

Of his men’s show he said,

“It was more me. It used to be I started the collection trying to please the customer, now the customer is buying what I wear.”

The takeaway: it never hurts to add jeans.

In the end, this collection is a piece of art. A true art of painting details by hand. A glam inspiration of black and white. A luxurious sum of shapes, lines, differences, contrasts.

And the Parisienne familiarity of the collection reminds me of the last season during Paris Fashion Week when I went at Hotel Costes for dinner and we had the table next to Olivier. It is a dream tot see that the exuberance of the clothes comes from the personality of the designer.

Just enjoy it as I do it…

Black and white and metallics:

And my favorite: sweet, loved, nude…

The sweet symphony of light colors: